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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cameo (Study Book on Ruth)


A Study of Friendship
The Study of Ruth by Betty Slade
36 pages of study and poetry

The book of Ruth is a thumbnail sketch of the history of Israel and its redeemer.

Book - Cameo
Price -   $7.50
H&S     $4.50

Note Cards (5X7)
One image (as seen above)
Price    $7.50
H& S    3.50

In describing the book, a cameo holds the description. A cameo is defined as a gem or medallion, engraved in contrasting colors. Ruth was light engraced in a dark time and place.

Ruth, meaning friend, would not only become a friend to Naomi, but a friend to God and would be the one used to establish God's purpose for Israel and the world.

Note from Author, Betty Slade
Overwhelming mercy floods my own soul as many generations stand between Ruth and myself. Yet Ruth's life a direct line of friendship to me as her seedof faith provides a way to the throne and to the mercy seat where I can know God as friend and speak to Him face to face.

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