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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pursued for Glory (Work Book)

Pursued for Glory, a work book and journal by Betty Slade

This 79 page workbook and journal will be the companion to The King’s Choice, a study book for Song of Solomon.

Pursued for Glory will be your response to the story in The King's Choice.

These two books, the Study Book and Work Book with questions and answers are a perfect set for understand the most beautiful love letter ever written from the Father's Heart.

Pursued for Glory - Workbook

Price       $13.50
S&H        $4.50
Total      $18.00

The King's Choice - Study Book
Price      $7.50
S&H      $4.50
Total    $14.00

Get both books for $20.00
S&H                          4.50
Total                      $24.50

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