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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

King's Choice (Study Book)

Indepth study of Song of Solomon. 92 pages, paperback,
Covering five stages of love from first love to Perfect Love.

Note from author: The magnetic voice of My Beloved has dawn me, causing me to lift my voice and sing to Him, by the same words that wooed me for many years.  I write these words to Him in praise and worship of My Beloved.

Price    $7.50
S&H      4.50
Total  $12.00

Three ring binder -

The indepth study of Song of Solomon, with 4 dividers, Workbook, Journal and sketch diary ,Keepers, and Mementos

Price                      $9.95
S&H                        4.50
Total                    $15.45

Note Cards 10 in pk - $7.50
(One Image Showing)
S&H                           $3.50

Total                         $11.00

Pursued for Glory
Companion Workbook for The King's Choice
Price        $13.50
S&H            4.50

Purchase both - King's Choice & Pursued for Glory
Price  $20.00
S&H     7.00

The Colors of His Heart
VH Video - 5 volumns

Price        $96.00
S&H           7.00
The Colors of His Heart,
The Greatest Love Story Ever Written

The "Colors of His Heart" series with Betty Slade is 17 one-half hour teachings based on the Song of Solomon. It is relative to anyone in this day who seeks a deeper and maturing relationship with God, the Living God.

Portraying a poetic love story, this allegor is a three act drama of King Solomon and the little Shulamite Maiden. It takes theges student from the beginning love to broadening love and is seen through the story in 5 stages.

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